Nigeria is going through a rapid shift in population from rural to urban areas. According to the World Bank, with a population growth of 2.6%, Nigeria’s population is on a steady increase. Villages and cities are becoming larger as more people live and work in cities and towns. This is due to social, economic and environmental changes, which provide an opportunity for sustainability. This has increased income levels, a better quality of living standards than rural areas.

Despite the challenges facing this country’s real estate industry, the facts highlighted above seem to have prompted new investors to explore the industry more. Oakwood Heights Limited is one of such experienced, transparent and successful investors in nation’s real estate industry.

Oakwood Heights Limited is a property development company established to create and construct affordable housing units for Nigerians with a major focus on mid-low working-class professionals. 

Suppose you are looking for consistent gains on your money and investment as the world economy begins to recover from the effect of the pandemic. In that case, it’s time to take a good critical look at real estate investment.

Billionaire Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish-American industrialist and philanthropist, notably said 90% of millionaires obtain their wealth by investing in real estate. Real estate is tangible, solid and beautiful. For smart investment in the real estate space, “think Oakwood Heights Limited”.

In this article, several innovative products and services tailored towards your smartest investment needs and delight are discussed in this article; with a view of providing you with positive cash flow and value for your investment.

Oak Home Ownership Build Up

The product allows you to gather the minimum equity of fifty percent of the property’s value you wish to purchase. Oakwood Heights Limited would let you occupy the property while we provide the balance of 50% via rent to own or a mortgage.

Oak Staff Mortgage Scheme

This mortgage scheme is designed for staff of specific organizations like companies, corporations parastatals, etc the purchase and repayment is based on the pay structure and salary of staff of these organizations.

Oak Flexi

The Oak Flexi gives you the privilege to access NHF at 6% per annum, coupled with a mortgage loan to purchase a property of your choice.

Developers Market

This service provides a platform that allows real estate developers to advertise and sell their properties through Oakwood Heights Limited. As a developer, all you need to do is to contact us for the terms and conditions related to this service; follow the required procedures, and upload the said property on the platform.

Diaspora Delight

This product offers Nigerians in Diaspora the opportunity to purchase properties at their choice locations and get positive cash flow. Oakwood Heights will facilitate access to such properties, provide a convenient payment platform and put in place mortgages for interested customers where applicable.


As a developing economy, the real estate space is evolving fast. Real estate appreciates more reliably than other investments. Therefore “think Oakwood Heights Limited” for your smartest investment opportunities in the nation’s real estate industry.

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